Friday, March 2, 2012

Are Muslims Under Attack?

And join our panel of experts on deliberating the question:
Are Muslims Under Attack?

Starting with...

Islamic Profiling
Has police surveillance on Muslims started a war against the Islamic community?
Featuring New York Civil Liberties Union Suffolk Chapter Director Amol Sinha & 
Muslim Canadian Congress Founder Tarek Fatah

Quran Burning
Quran burning by American soliders has sparked outrage in the Middle East, but does hypocrisy lie within Islamic nations?
Featuring Muslim Canadian Congress Founder Tarek Fatah
American Arab Forum President Dr. Aref Assaf

LYVBH's very own engineer Stanley Fritz talks about his debut novel 
Beautiful Problems

Plus, Claudia's got the scoop on your favorite celebs during the "Celebrity Rundown" including
Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose's Engagement

Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy as the new "it" Couple

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