Friday, February 3, 2012

The Cheat Sheet: Feb. 3, 2012

After GOP contender Mitt Romney recently made claims that he likes to fire people and is not concerned about the very poor, the out-of-touch wealthy business man received an endorsement from Donald Trump, the obnoxious billionaire and TV personality known for telling people "you're fired!"  Great timing Mitt, not really.

Critics say that Microsoft's new GPS navigation software dubbed the "Avoid Ghetto App" perpetuates racist stereotypes against African American and Latino communities.  However, others defend the app claiming that it was made with Americans' safety in mind.  Read more here.

Roseanne for President And no, she's not kidding.  The actress/comedian announced Thursday that's she's running for the Green Party's presidential nomination because the two major parties aren't serving the American people.

The police in several Egyptian cities on Thursday night battled with thousands of soccer fans who are angry at the military-led government’s failure to prevent dozens of deaths at a disastrous soccer riot the previous night. Read more here.

Top officials from the Susan G. Komen foundation are resigning in protest of the the Breast Cancer Awareness group's decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides health services and abortions to poor women. Tune into Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio this Sunday to hear more about the controversy.

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