Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today on Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio

Over the past week, everyone has been talking about the video of 14-year-old Amber Cole who was videotaped while giving her boyfriend oral sex outside of her high school building.  Did you see the video? Why did this become the talk of the social media?   What was your reaction?  Join us as we discuss cyberbullying, the impact that our hyper-sexualized culture is having on teens and what this video says about America.

 We’ll also be hosting an open and honest discussion on RACISM and PREJUDICE.  Do you know the difference? You could be one or the other and may not even realize it. 

The honeymoon just may be over for Kim & Hubby
Lastly, Claudia’s got the scoop on whether Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries are heading for divorce and much, much more celebrity news in the Fashion, Flare & Celebrity Rundown! 

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