Thursday, August 4, 2011

From the Political Perspective Of Stanley Fritz: Hydro Fracking

What is "Fracking"?

Hydraulic fracturing is a practice used to coax oil and natural gas from hard rock formations. It involves forcing large amounts of pressurized water, a proppant (usually sand), and very small amounts of chemicals down the well bore to create tiny fissures in the rock so the oil and gas can flow through the well bore to the surface. Hydraulic fracturing has been used in more than one million wells during the past 60+ years.  National Geographic produced an animation illustrating the practice and  as you'll see, the fracturing occurs well below the aquifer and is separated from groundwater and drinking water supplies by hundreds or thousands of feet of solid rock. Source
Hydro Fracking is becoming an issue in New York because Governor Cuomo is looking to lift the ban on Hydro Fracking in New York, which would be horrible for our water supply.

Check out this video from youtube. It shows the effects that Hydro Fracking can have on your water supply. This clip comes from the documentary "Gas Land"

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